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    Coastal Cotton Clothing Co.


    Here at Coastal Cotton, we are committed to providing premium quality products inspired by a classic uninhibited style.
    After college, I went to work for my parents as a apparel engineer in their clothing factory, making everything from premium denim jeans to military uniforms.
    Here I learned the trade of manufacturing clothing from raw fabric into finished goods. After a few years, I had a desire to do something new, something that I could make into my own.
    Born and raised in the South, I wanted to create a brand that in some way reflected our classic southern style, but still would be something that no matter where you live, you could relate too. I started working on a brand, a logo, and a pair of five pocket canvas pants with my father.
    Since then we have expanded our line from a pair of “Made in America” pants to all of the products that you see today.

    Coastal Cotton - Life Uninhibited